Thursday 11 June 2009

Will there ever be a "Gabon Coalition"?

Jon Worth has come up with a new term for the usage in the context of European Parliament politics:
"The Gabon Coalition".
On Twitter, we were discussing possible options for a European Parliament majority for the next European Commission president, and one possibility mentioned - although still hypothetical - was the "Gabon Coalition" formed by the EPP (colour blue), ALDE (yellow), and the Greens (colour self-evident), a combination of colours that you find on the flag of Gabon.

This discussion is linked to a similar discussion in Germany in 2005, when a hypothetical combination of the Christian Democrats (black), the Liberals (yellow) and the Greens (that never happened) was named "Jamaica Coalition".

The Gabon option is very unlikely for the European Parliament, but you never know - so please use this term whenever you combine EPP, ALDE, and Greens!