Monday 15 June 2009

The next European Commission: Th!nk09 initiative

I am at the finale of the Th!nk about it blogging competition.

One of the ideas we have come up over lunch is to try to find out who will be possible Commissioners from all 27 member countries in the next European Commission.

We want to use collective knowledge of Th!nkers and the wider blogosphere to come up with a list of possible candidates before the national media will have managed to figure it out. And I am sure we can do it.

So please go to Jon Worth's blog and comment on his article, informing who could be the next Commissioner from your country.


Lighthouse said...

Julien how about getting rid of all commissioners:

For a radically different EU based on Parliamentary democracy without a Commission,

Unknown said...

Here is an original view on the topic in the way of a job advertisement (in German)