Wednesday 17 June 2009

The EU in German blogs (2): Co-operation in police & justice matters

Under the title (translated)
"Bundestag: Police from EU member states will be allowed to use guns in Germany"
author Daniel Neun of the Radio Utopie blog covers a number of matters now implemented into German law by the German parliament (the Bundestag) in the field of justice and policy co-operation.

Based on the Prüm Convention, the EU justice ministers had agreed in late 2007 to extend co-operation, e.g. in the exchange of data (e.g. in the context of EUROPOL) or the co-operation during large events, which now has to be introduced into national legal systems.

The article is extremely critical of most of these measures and sees the extension of transborder and intra-state competencies of national and supranational police authorities as a threat to human rights and democracy, widely unnoticed by the national press and political parties.

(via Duckhome)