Monday 8 June 2009

Youth and a female President for the new European Parliament!

I see that now that the elections are over, some are already speculating who will get the best post(s).

Let me therefore be very clear:

I want a female President for the new European Parliament!

And I want that Europarlamentarians show that they have learned a lesson, and that they don't just put forward interesting women for top posts, but that they also to renew the face of the European Parliament.

Young people might not turn out to vote in satisfactory number, but maybe this is because the faces we got so far are worn-out, and their way to speak does not reach the many among us who already live Europe while don't feeling connected to the European political sphere.

What we need is the enthusiasm of a new generation, able to revive interest in the EP, able to speak European and to think global.

Dear European Parliament, dear new MEPs,

get the next generation by being the next generation, by involving the next generation - and by becoming more gender balanced, from the "bottom" to the top!



Abysmal results, if you ask me. Especially here in Austria...

At least the Greens are strengthened, but as a leftist, the weakening of the PES to this degree is quite horrible, and the strong increase of anti-European parties' seats is also a disaster.

I would say it can't be worse in five years – but I'm sure that history would prove me wrong yet again. ::sighs::