Wednesday 3 June 2009

Moldova's president not elected in second round - re-elections!

Through contacts from Moldova and Moldovan news sources I learned that the Parliament of Moldova failed to elect the president in the second round, with the same result as in the first round (60 votes out of 101; presidential majority 61).

Consequently - and the president in office has already confirmed it - the parliament will be dissolved and re-elections should be scheduled in the country now hit by the financial crisis, something that should not have happened according to the campaign of the governing communists before the previous elections that led to violent protests.

I have already read messages of young Moldovans that see this result - a united, non-corruptible opposition preventing the election of the Communist president and forcing the subsequent re-elections - as a second chance. But doubts are advisable in a country that isn't known for its media freedom and its political culture.

I'll be following the process.