Sunday 21 June 2009

The EU in German blogs (3): Debut in Brussels

Franziska "Ska" Keller is a young newly elected Green MEP from Germany (I already covered her some time ago).

In her blog she reports about her first days in Brussels (own translation):
"Becoming an MEP is like marrying: you don't feel much different afterwards than you felt before. Despite the fact that from now on one has to care for committees and offices, taxes and insurances.

Last week we had the first group meeting in Brussels. Before we had to go through a show-jumping course of information desks, badge presentations, photo shootings etc. Next week we will get our committees and delegations (after day-long negotiations about who gets what), we will be able to hire our assistants (no more applications, please, I am already taken!), set up our offices and sit in trains for many many hours.

On July, 14th the Parliament will constitute itself officially in Strasbourg. Whether we will have to vote for - or against - Barroso at the same time is not sure yet.

By the way, the youngest Green MEP's name is Emilie, she is 25 and comes from Denmark. The next one is Jan [Philipp Albrecht; JF], 26, from Lower Saxony [Germany; JF]. Only then come Karima from France and me, both 27.
I am really looking forward for her continuing reports about her "debut" in Brussels...!