Friday 30 January 2009

BE QUICK: Vote for the logo of the Spanish-Belgian-Hungarian EU-Council Troika

Until today 17.00 CET [BT] you can vote on this page on the Spanish-Belgian-Hungarian Troika logo. The page is Hungarian, but it is quite clear what to do:

Chose your favourite logo, scroll down, chose the right number, and then vote!

PS.: I opt for the first logo, because it's the only one that combines both national and European colours without being too abstract.

(via + via Daniel Antal)


Antal Dániel said...

They say that they will announce the results of the internet vote only two weeks from now. That sounds very bad to me - I guess they already have the results. I will write them a letter. (I actually endorsed the one that has the least national element in it. I am really not in favor or the EU's churning out logos every half a year. I guess it will make a Chinese or an American confused).