Tuesday 20 January 2009

Barack Obama, the inauguration speech, and the future of US-EU relations

Discussing with a colleague this morning, I said that Obama's national and international reputation is on its peak today, so if he can do something positive, inter alia for US-EU relations, than now is the time.

My colleague was rather sceptical about the international profile of Obama, saying that he will have to focus to build larger national coalitions in order to get things done at home. Therefore, his influence on international relations might not be as big as his image is.

Nevertheless, we were both convinced that Obama will never be able to stand to the expectations put into him, and that today will be the end of Obamania - tomorrow will start the real life.


Unknown said...

to build larger national coalitions ???

What about just to recognize the UN again?

Julien Frisch said...

Sorry, I was a bit imprecise in my formulation. I meant: to build larger coalitions within his country (his nation), in order to be able to implement his policies.

The UN won't help with this... ;-)