Tuesday 20 January 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (40): First developments in the European Green Party (EGP) campaign

The European Greens seem to have started their public activities for the European Parliament elections

On their main website, they are now providing a banner-link - not very well distinguishable from the rest of the page and without the important date 2009 - to their campaign website where you can find their manifesto called "A Green New Deal for Europe". In fact, until now there is only the summary of the manifesto, which is why I won't discuss it now.

What we learn on is that the Greens will start their campaign on 27 March 2009, during their Council meeting. And there is also a "blog" which until now has no RSS feed and contains only one post from 10 December.

Altogether, it pretty much looks like work in progress, and we will see whether until the official start of their campaign this site will be more interesting than it is now.

PS.: The European Peoples Party (EPP) still does not have any hint to the 2009 elections on their website.

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