Friday 16 January 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (39): Raising interest - and why there is still no full list of all candidates for the EP elections

Just a short notice: Since the beginning of this year, I get a raising number of visitors and page views from people (mostly from Brussels) looking for information on the European Parliament elections, in particular via Google-searches for European Parliament candidate lists.

First of all, it seems to be a good sign that there is at least some interest in the European elections, although the figures we are speaking about are still very low.

Second, the search for candidate lists of all countries is still not bringing good results, because some countries like the United Kingdom already have (to a large extend) decided upon their lists and candidates, while other countries (e.g. Germany) still are in the selection process.

I will, at some point in time, try to get a good overview over all lists, parties, and candidates, but today I have limited myself to present the UK lists, because I knew that they were ready and that they were well compiled on Wikipedia.

But if in your country all the lists have been determined, please inform me, and I will try to link them!

I also suppose that some of the larger platforms (see the sidebar) will do this, so I might use their collective and more professional wisdom if I can.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Julien,

thanks for the info on your blog, apparently I'm not the only one looking for the lists for the European Parliament...!!!

I'm working for the European Women's Lobby and we have launched a Campaign in view of the European elections, any chance to have a link on your blog?

Best regards,

Cécile Gréboval

Erik Wesselius said...

I can update you on the situation in the Netherlands after having visited the website of the Dutch electoral council yesterday to check the election date and information on when candidate lists have to be finalised.

As an engaged European I also wanted to know more about the practical details of the EP elections.

In the Netherlands, parties can submit their candidates lists until 22 April. The elections will be held on the 4th of June. No voting machines will be used this year, as there has been a huge debate on the voting machines that were previously used in the Netherlands. So it's back to paper ballots and red pencils (hurray!).

Dutch citizens abroad can vote by mail if they register by 22 April 2009 at the latest. If they live in another EU member state they can also participate in the EP elections in their country of residence.

The results will only be announced on the 11th of June, i.e. one week after the elections. I think this is a very bad thing, and it will certainly not help to increase the turnout. In the last EP elections (2004) turnout was 39,1 % -- more than the record low of 29,9 % in 1999, but still much less than in any national, local or provincial elections. In contrast, the referendum on the EU Constitution in 2005 saw a turnout of 63,3%. 61,5% of those voters (including myself) sain NO to the Constitution.

Antal Dániel said...

I think it will be a long time that the Hungarian parties finalize their lists. Fidesz was the first to do so. They are members of the European People's Party, have been in opposition since 2002 and currently they beat the Socialist Party by 30% in the polls.

1. Mr Schmitt, Pál; 2. Mr Szájer, József 3. Ms Gál, Kinga; 4. Mr Áder, János; 5. Mr Surján, László; 6. Mr Deutsch, Tamás; 7. Ms Járóka, Lívia; 8. Mr Schöpflin, György; 9. Mr Gyürk, András; 10. Mr Őry, Csaba; 11. Mr Glattfelder, Béla; 12. Mr Kósa, Ádám; 13. Ms Hankiss, Ágnes; 14. Ms Győry, Enikő; 15. Mr Bagó, Zoltán; 16. Mr Hölvényi, György; 17. Ms Szemerkényi, Réka; 18.Mr Ékes, József; 19. Mr Frivaldszky, Gáspár; 20. Ms Hammerstein, Judit; 21. Mr Gulyás, Gergely; Ms 22. Tóth, Edina

Ms. Jaróka, Lívia (7) is currently a MEP and I think you should keep an eye on her.

Otherwise the list so far is more telling about a possible future Fidesz government (who will not be in) than about European politics.