Thursday 29 January 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (45): EPP will present draft manifesto and DialogueTV tomorrow - updated

Update: Read also my post on the EPP manifesto(s)!

Some days ago I complained about the European People's Party (EPP) not moving with regard to their electoral manifesto.

And woosh: Tomorrow, at 13.00 (CET - or BT [Brussels Time]) the EPP will do its first incredible move and present its draft manifesto during a press conference.

I am getting shaky!

In addition, they will also present their incredible DialogueTV, which so far looks like a MonologueTV, compared to the two-way communication of other competitors...

On the other side, Greens or Liberals say that they cannot really afford such a platform - but honestly, it doesn't seem like a big problem to me. This MonologueTV looks very shiny, but not very innovative. It's video in good quality, not more and not less.

Update (30 January, 14:55):

The full DialogueTV page is now online and it looks a bit more interactive than the version from yesterday. In fact, when you enter the website of the EPP ( it redirects you to this DialogueTV page which is designed as campaign page.

There you can find the draft manifesto in a short version and in the full version. I will comment on these texts in one of the next posts in this category.

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Anonymous said...

I have checked the new DialogueTV website today. It is online since how many weeks? 6 at least. And I couldn't find one single comment online. You can view their manifesto chapters but below is stated: Zero comments...

That's not really what I call interactive.