Monday 26 January 2009 - the European blogosphere 2.1

Thanks to Jon Worth, Kosmopolit and Bente, the EU blogosphere has entered into a new phase:
In fact, the site has been quasi-online already for some time in its alpha version, so the surprise is not so big and the design has remained more or less the same over the last months.

Nevertheless, the fact that almost 300 European blogs in different languages have been compiled means that this is the largest aggregation of EU and European blogs I know. In addition, a team of editors will chose the most interesting posts of the day and publish them on the front page of the portal, easing the choice for readers who are new to the EU blogosphere or who do not have the time to follow all the blogs at once.

I hope that through this tool, the interest in the EUropean blogosphere will raise, especially ahead of the European Parliament Elections this year!


Anonymous said...

blogging about blogging

Julien Frisch said...

Yepp, I agree. We blog that we blog that somebody has blogged that we blog. That is blogging. And Europe needs its own self-referential sphere, so now we get it. ;-)