Monday 26 January 2009

Euro elections 2009 (42): The European Peoples Party (EPP) is self-confident but lagging behind with its manifesto

In an interview to EUobserver, the secretary-general of the European Peoples Party (EPP) Antonio Lopez-Isturiz is very confident that the EPP will keep its majority in the European Parliament after the 2009 elections, although expects losing several seats.

In contrast, the European Peoples Party seems to be the only major European Party that is not very interested in the European elections, because until today no hint to the elections portrays on its website. The EPP will also wait until its congress on 29-30 April Warsaw until it will adopt its manifesto, something other European Parties have already done (see discussions in this blog).

This means that the self-confidence of the EPP relies on its national orientation, on its vision to win the seats not by a true European campaign but by simple votes for its national member parties. This fits to the attitude of the President of the European Commission - Mr Barroso - whose lack of enthusiasm, charisma, and European spirit reflects the behaviour of the EPP.

I am disappointed, not least because great Europeans like Juncker are members of the EPP family!

Update: The manifesto has been published and I have discussed and compared it with other manifestos.

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