Wednesday 7 January 2009

European Elections 2009 (33): United Kingdom candidates/party lists (including Wales and Scotland)

As we are getting closer to the EP elections, more and more countries are deciding upon their party lists for the 2009 European parliamentary vote.

In the United Kingdom, which elects its 72 Members of European Parliament (MEPs) in 12 multi-candidate constituencies, these lists have already been agreed upon in most of the constituencies (all except Northern Ireland (3 MEPs) as far as I could see).

The lists have been published on Wikipedia:
Where there are 6 parties in the English constituencies, these are The Conservatives, Labour, The Liberal Party, The UK Independence Party (anti-EU), The Greens, and The English Democrats. In North East England and the West Midlands, the English Democrats do not have a list. In Wales, Plaid Cymru replaces the English Democrats, while in Scotland they are replaced by the Scottish National Party.

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