Wednesday 14 January 2009

European elections 2009 (37): A young conservatives' approach to the EP elections

According to a press released issued by the EPP-ED group in the European Parliament last week, their young Members of Parliament have met last week to underline the importance of networking.

Their main point is that:
"A mutual understanding of the issues at stake and a continuous dialogue between national and European politicians will help us position ourselves strongly for the upcoming elections."
This is their point: Young politicians should network, and this will raise the interest of young people in the elections.

To underline the importance of the elections for the EPP (-ED), neither the party nor the parliamentary group show any signs on their main websites that there might be this "important European event" during this year. Bravo!

Taking into account that young people tend to use the internet much more than traditional media, this clearly reflects the failure of the European Peoples Party - and its young MP/MEP network - to consider youth reality!

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