Tuesday 6 January 2009

The old Data Protection Supervisor of the European Union Peter Hustinx will remain in office for a new term

From Thursday, EU member states are invited to follow the recommendation by an expert committee and the vote by the European Parliament to officially re-appoint the Dutch Peter Hustinx as Data Protection Supervisor of the European Union for a new term starting from 13 Januar 2009.

The Assistant Data Protection Supervisor Joaquín Bayo Delgado will be replaced by the Italian Giovanni Buttarelli, who has been the Secretary General of the Italian Data Protection Authority for 12 years and has represented his country in working groups of the European Union (plus the Schengen Joint Supervisory Authority) as well as of the Council of Europe.

Read also: the EU Commission press release, which - if the document linked at the beginning of this article is not wrong in saying that the formal appointment procedure will begin this Thursday - incorrectly states that the Council already approved Mr Hustinx and Mr Buttarelli.