Wednesday 28 January 2009

The evolution of the European Union

On the Technicum, Kevin Kelly - if I understand it correctly - openly writes a book about the evolution of technology, about the development of the Earth machine, the technological evolution of the planet: The Technicum.

In its latest chapter he asks: What does technology want?, and his answer is:
To increase diversity
To maximize freedom/choices
To expand the space of the possible

To increase specialization/uniqueness
To increase power density
To increase density of meaning
To engage all matter and energy
To reach ubiquity and free-ness
To become beautiful

To increase complexity
To increase social co-dependency
To increase self-referential nature
To align with nature

To accelerate evolvability
To play the infinite game
Replace "technology" by "the European Union", and then re-read the whole chapter under this perspective...


Eurocentric said...

"To engage all matter and energy."

I've the sneaking feeling that energy would be apathetic.

"To become beautiful."

My favourite one!