Tuesday 12 May 2009

Euronews report mixes Votewatch.eu and Parlorama.eu

A report published online one hour ago by Euronews mixes the recent closure of Parlorama.eu with the start of Votewatch.eu.

Both websites are shown in the clip, but their stories are mixed as if they were the same.

Completely unprofessional!

Update: Euronews has partially corrected the mistake.


Lithos said...

And the idea behind parlorama and wotewatch is different in what?

Julien said...

Parlorma was an independent initative that was ranking MEPs by activity (which some didn't like), while Votewatch.eu is done and financed by several institutes and has a focus on the content of votes (who voted for what).

So they are two different initatives with different backgrounds and different focus.