Wednesday 20 May 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (110): I have voted

Today, I have voted for the European Parliament elections 2009.

Since I won't be present on election day, I have been voting directly at the district polling stations for mail voting today (which technically is voting by mail, but after filling out the necessary forms, making your cross, and putting it into a letter, you may put the whole thing directly into a ballot box).

Asking the official in the polling stations on the "turnout" so far, she informed me that the number of persons applying for mail voting was surprisingly high; already now they have reached two thirds of what they had expected to be the total number of applications for mail voting, which sounded like the final figures might be higher than foreseen.

I don't know whether this is actually a sign that the final turnout (in my district) will be higher than expected, but at least the trend is more optimistic than pessimistic!

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