Saturday 16 May 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (108): MEPs, mums, and weirdos

In his latest post, BBC's Mark Mardell who will soon leave the Eurosphere for the Obamasphere takes a look at the public disinterest to the EP elections:
"From the Arctic Circle to the middle of the Med there are around 9,000 candidates and they, and their mums, will be playing close attention [to the EP elections; JF].

But, in general, interest in the European elections seems to be regarded as a possibly harmless eccentricity, like collecting matchboxes or a tendency to wear cravats... something that says "weirdo".
Then, the article turns towards France, in a move that looks like trying to connect local politics with EU politics but that lacks a good connection, just to return to the disinterest, repeating some of the explanations we have heard a hundred times by now.

But repetition doesn't matter, because we, the weirdos, the small eccentric group of those who care, we are the only ones who notice.

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Ralf Grahn said...


Your two latest posts make me think of Henry David Thoreau:

The mass of men (Eurobloggers) lead lives of quiet desperation.

Even if the European Parliament has limited powers, it is more than a Toy Parliament, we have the right to vote - and it is our moral obligation - and we should use our limited vote as wisely as we can for a better European Union.

Once the European elections and the EU start becoming exciting, the media and journalists will flock like lemmings, but untli then it is best for Eurobloggers to keep on writing.