Friday 15 May 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (107): On the media coverage

No, I won't repeat everything I've been saying in many articles before on the media coverage of Europe and these elections. Just some short remark.

What we see right now is a raise in interest in the European Parliament elections that seems absurd compared to the ignorance of the last weeks and months.

It is as always: The European and national media wait until the very last moment - until the catastrophe has come - until they cover important things, but then they try to overwhelm us until we close to commit brain suicide.

And then everything is big and nice, important and fancy. Like this "Opinion Corner" on the media coverage of the EP elections.

Look how shiny it looks, when journalists talk about why they don't cover European issues, how clear it seems when professionals analyse the situation that is obvious to any serious observer.

And I could explode reading this quote by Jean Quatremer:
"Our newspaper is convinced that [the European Parliament election] is an event that has to be covered - but in the same way a plane crash has to be covered. We don't have a choice."
That is exactly the point with so-called "journalism": A plane crash that tragically affects 200 people due to a technical defect is put at an equal level to a European election that affects 500 million people and which failed due to the defect of journalism.

You get the difference? - Reporting about the plane crash doesn't involve your own responsibility, but reporting about the failure of the elections due to unprofessional coverage involves you more than you could ever admit!

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