Saturday 2 May 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (94): On Libertas

After a short discussion in the comments of a recent post of mine and yesterday's Congress, I wanted to write a post about the not-so-pan-European one-man-show Libertas.

But Ralf was quicker than me, and since I agree totally with his very pertinent questions and comments, let me just link the articles he wrote:
Let me also remind you about Dominika's article on Libertas in Poland, my recent post raising questions about the 80% myth that Ganley and others are using, as well as that there is a whole blog dedicated to anti-Libertas work (although I prefer the more reflected way that Ralf has chosen).

I appreciate that there is a development towards pan-European parties, I even have nothing against pan-European anti-EU parties, but from what I see and hear from Libertas, all that unites them is Ganley and his rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

For me, Libertas is not a party, but an issue movement tied together by a single person that is not even elected, coveting for power it cannot get but by pretending to be pan- and pro-European, although not much speaks in favour of both of these claims.

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