Thursday 7 May 2009

Twitter knows everything: A special EP campaign blog on

Only through Twitter I realised that has installed a special blog covering the European Parliament elections. And the Eurojunkie is writing there, too!

Oh Twitter, what would we do without you?! How slow news were spread before you existed, how unimportant some blog posts seemed until they were retweeted five times in a row.

And if you still don't know what Twitter is... ask Falk who explains Twitter on Twitter in 140 characters:
The easiest way to describe twitter for those who knew collaboration tools: it mixed rss with comments and social bookmarking in blog style.
Oh yes, and after you have spent 24 hours tweeting:

Don't forget to check out the blog I mentioned earlier!


Erik Wesselius said...

Funny, I had exactly the same experience this morning and subscribed to Au fil de la campagne européenne at Libération and to Eurojunkie's tweets.