Saturday 16 May 2009

Post scriptum: Good manners

PS: Dear journalists and other interested people,

it's nice when you contact me to invite me to write for your EP platforms, participate in TV discussions, to hold presentations on topics I write about, etc.

The ego is pleased getting those offers, but this ego belongs to an individual who knows what it wants and whose motivation to blog is not to get such offers.

Hence, when I answer you giving some limitations to what I can do and what I want to do, and you never write or call back, not even saying that under these conditions you are not interested in my contribution, that's kind of impolite. And it has happened several times by now.

Good manners are something different to me.

So for everyone interested in my work, my participation, my person: I am generally open for all kinds of projects, especially when they make me travel around Europe, when they contribute to bringing public attention to European topics, when they involve serious discussions. If it's interesting enough, I will even come on my private expenses if my budget allows.

Yet, first and foremost, I am a private blogger. I am glad when people are interested in what I write. But if at all, I want to promote the content, not my person.

This person is anyway very similar to most others around in the the political blogosphere: Male, white, young, good education, with a history of socio-political engagement. Nothing special about me.

Find a female blogger without higher education blogging on EU politics, that's far more interesting!

If you want to use my content, you are free to copy, translate, print and distribute whatever I write as long as you link the source and take into account that I sometimes correct older articles or write follow-ups. If you use full texts, I'd be glad just to be informed.

Everything I do in addition to blogging on my personal blog is an extra, an exception.

If you want me to do something extra, I might have conditions which are mostly linked to my professional background and which I will tell openly. If these conditions do not fit your own plans, you can tell this openly, too.

And although this sounds natural, not everyone seems to share this view on good manners...

(If by now you are still interested in contacting me, you can do this via [Julien Frisch], via a comment to an article, or via Twitter.)