Sunday 24 May 2009

Why we might need EU-sceptic parties

Nosemonkey has made a strong point for EU-sceptic parties, even though he dislikes them:
"[...] With the EU still seriously under-reported in almost every member state, and with so few sceptical voices around to form an opposition - one of the most essential elements of any healthy democratic system - little wonder that there is so much public frustration. The worries of the people are not, in the eyes of the people, being addressed. [...]"
In principle, I agree.

But I have made my point in a comment to this article:
"The problem is that EU-sceptic parties’ critique to anything the EU does can easily be discredited as if it was just done to harm the Union, as a matter of principle and not as a constructive approach to make the Union better, even when they are right.

I think we will need heavily EU-critical parties with a true love to the basic idea of such a supranational entity. So far, this critique too often comes from the extremes, but it needs to comes from the centres of the political spectrum, to make it more credible.

But maybe those political forces will first need the EU-sceptic pitbulls to smooth the way before they get their window of opportunity to make the EU a better polity than it is today…
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Ralf Grahn said...

One problem is that Euroskeptic is used inaccurately and misleadingly for parties which are plainly anti-European.