Friday 29 May 2009

European Parliament election 2009 (114): Criticising the critics: Hat tip to Charlemagne

Charlemagne on the has published a wonderful article in which he criticises the PES for criticising the Romanian politician Monica Macovei on its website.

This is one of the few examples of a European news source or blog actually taking up a political statement published by a European Party, and, based on intelligent and thorough argumentation, making a strong and yet pan-European point:
"[...] So it is not, on the face of it, shocking to turn to the campaign website of the main centre-left block, the Party of European Socialists, and find a feature denouncing 12 “terrible” candidates from rival parties [...]

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, a racist, extreme right-wing outfit, is also singled out for his horrid views, and that is fair enough. [...]

But then comes an astonishing choice: Monica Macovei, the former Romanian justice minister. Talk to senior EU officials and European diplomats who worked on Romania’s accession to the union, and they call Ms Macovei an heroic figure, and pretty much the only reason Romania achieved entry into the EU in 2007. [...]

This attack on Monica Macovei reads—not least because of the stilted apparatchikese in which it is written—as if it were dictated by Romania’s socialists. They certainly do not like Ms Macovei: after all, she tried to prosecute several of them, starting with Mr Nastase.

But the website belongs to the PES headquarters. So they have ended up bundling a brave reformer and fighter against crippling corruption with a British racist, as one of the 12 worst candidates for the European Parliament.

What on earth were they thinking?
This is the kind of journalism the European Parliament elections need!

Update: And I just saw at the Nosemonkey that this was already the second marvellous piece of journalism by Charlemagne in a day. Respect!

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Ralf Grahn said...

It is astonishing that there is practically no debate in Britain about the implications for the country, if Cameron's positions on fundamental rights and EU relations become government policy, which looks set to happen shortly.

It is perplexing that there is almost no visible pressure on the Conservative Party to offer serious policies and reasons ahead of the European elections (except from some who want the UK to leave the EU).

The other side of the coin is that Cameron's election promises have implications for the rest of the European Union. There is a need for serious discussion about the prospects for the EU as a whole. Is the rest of Europe at sleep?

Vincent Lieser said...

Amazing piece of journalism, indeed. Yet, do we learn how the 12 politicians were precisely chosen ? Thx