Wednesday 7 January 2009

Getting sick of eurosceptic blog trolls - Join the movement!

A comment by Christos-eblana on EU Commissioner Wallström's blog about the reactions the blog gets from eurosceptic trolls:
This blogg has become an EU hate blogg (ok, i understand if you do not like EU) but also a Margot Wallstrom hate blogg…You people are sad… Haven’t you anything else to do than to pour your bile onto a woman that was appointed by her country to be the country’s commissioner in EU…??This is her job….

You may not agree with what she does or says but can you at least one of you, post anthing constructive in here….?? anything that it might make her or any other person that reads this, rethink some things and maybe even change something in EU….like all NO voters and supporters, when you are asked what should be the Lisbon Treaty including in order to be better, you reply nothing, you have nothing to say…just idiotic posts like the above “i hate EU” etc….

Get a life i advise you, and if you have any constructive critism to make please do, if you don’t then go and get some sleep….

Start from this…..Why Lisbon is wrong, and how it could be better…any suggestions….?? anyone….??how can you ask for more democratic EU, but when we try to enpower the euro-parliament the base and source of a more democratic EU and give peole a voice (Mrs Wallstrom first of all with the citizents’ consultations and debate europe forums) you are full of bile and anger…

I am disgusted by your manner of your posts, i am wondering why they are on display since EU is undemocratic and does not allow people to express themselves…Is that what you call undemocratic…?? how much more democracy do you want…??

EU is here to stay, get used to it, get over it..instead of fretting and going hysterical about it, better think ways to make it work better for all of us…EU is a political and should be a political organisation as well,not just a big bazaar for trade only…otherwise only market and multinationals’ rules and laws will apply to us all,and how can this be good..??…Europe should unite politicaly in order to deal with challenges that we are facing already or we will face in the future.
I'd like to have more of that!

Get angry about bloody euroscepticism, and fill the European blogosphere with constructive approaches to reform the Union. Let's start to reform Margot's blog, and then spread the message of hope all over the place.

Come and join our movement, europhiles and eurorealists, eurohopefulls and euroreformists, euroenthusiastics and europrogressives, euromobiles and euroregionalists - come and join our movement!

Come and join!

Come and join!

Come and j...


(Oups, I woke up.)


Jon Worth said...

Oh dear, are we really reduced to that: the campaign to reform Margot's blog?

Julien Frisch said...

No my dear, we aren't! By far not!! I just couldn't control my dream. :-D

(Just not to be misunderstood: This was rather the extreme continuation of the comment quoted, and was by no means meant to be an honest political statement - which would have been a rather poor ambition.)

By the way: An atheist bus campaign that makes it into the International Harald Tribune is quite impressive!

Ralf Grahn said...


Having read a lot of blogs and mainstream media from Behindthecurveistan, I feel a certain sympathy with your dream.

But it is plain wrong to call the bile pouring crowd eurosceptic. They are anti-EU and anti-European, whatever they say.

They don't want a more democratic European Union, because they want no European Union; not for themselves and not for anybody else.

They are so far out that they deride less toxic food for consumers, rest and family time for workers, a stable currency for businesses and people, the possibility to get their compatriots organs for transplants etc. if any improved public goods are even remotely connected with Europe.

With the 'liberum veto' as their common denominator the current European leaders are to blame for their own lack of vision and for their meagre accomplihments.

By refusing to create a democratic and effective European Union, they have created an unending legitimacy crisis and growing alienation among Europeans.

All in all, Jon, there is still much to do before the European Union is ready to defend the interests of its citizens in a decisive way.

Anonymous said...

being the person who wrote that in Mrs Wallstrom's blog, i would like to say that i am honoured for the quotation and i thank you....if you want to read more of me on eurosceptic bashing, go to debate europe forum and join...

i am pro-european and i am fed up with the nonsence and scare/terror arguments they use to spread their anti-EU works to many but not to as someone else said in here i too blame our governments for stupidly letting EU with no vision, no direction apart a money making machine....but i have send them as well some nice posts mind you....well someone has to do it....

call me a fool or a dreamer but i haven't given up yet on europe...

best regards,

christos (eblana means dublin in ancient greek-according to ptolemy)


Julien Frisch said...

Hi Christos,

thanks for reacting in here, too!

I am kind of a fan of Europe-wide interaction and if we can get this moving, we might end up getting constructively productive. So please continue eurosceptics-bashing, since somebody has to do it. :-)

I must admit that I tend to ignore them when they cross my way on other blogs. They seem somehow ignorant, and I don't have too much time to spend with ignorance, which you can hardly fight directly.

But thanks again for you posts at Wallström's and at my blog!

Anonymous said...

my pleasure julien....nice blogs in here by the way...both you, and jon and granhlaw....

i will add them to my "faves" and visit everynow and again...

till then...


Anonymous said...

I came straight here from Mark Mardell's blog on the BBC news website by typing 'i hate eurosceptics' into Google.A bit pathetic in retrospect.
All the same, I'm glad to find people out there who are just as sick and tired of euorsceptics!