Wednesday 18 March 2009

EU Ombudsman: Easing complaints through an interactive guide

Via the European Union Law blog I found that the EU ombudsman - whose website Jon and me have criticised some time ago - has introduced an interactive guide for lodging complaints to the ombudsman.

That is a very helpful tool, leading you step by step towards the complaint to be placed with the ombudsman - or towards the right institutions to which your issue should be addressed.

I have started to follow the procedure for several steps forth and back and it looks very easy and helpful. If you reach the following words after a number of questions - eight in my case - you are at the right place:
The European Ombudsman should be able to help you.

The "Could he help you?" section of the Ombudsman's website provides more information on how to make a complaint. A complaint form is available if you wish to make a complaint.
If you reach another result, the tool tells you why this is the case or where the complaint should be directed in order to be dealt with properly.

That is the kind of online support that I would like to see more from all EU institutions - very easy, very effective, and very good!