Friday 6 March 2009

French Prime Minister Fillon to become EU Commission President?

Okay, I support the Anyone but Barroso! campaign, but this thing is also not called "Anyone like Barroso!".

Rumours that somebody like the colourless François Fillon could become candidate for the EU Commission Presidency are making me afraid that instead of Barroso we just get a clone.

Coulisses de Bruxelles formulates it like this (own translation):
Fillon, from a Brussels perspective, has many qualities: He is a jurist, discrete, free of the arrogance that is generally associated to French people, married to a British, and he is considered to be an excellent professional. His is able to absorb the Sarkozyan tempers while keeping his good-will and he is showing that he is able to lead a complex administration such as the Commission's.
In other terms: He would be somebody who could work silently with the member states' representatives in the Council without disturbing them. He keeps a low public profile because he is rather an administrator than a politician. He could continue the bad work of Mr Barroso while selling the notion of "change".

I am afraid. And concerned for the political future of the Union. I hope it's just rumours!