Saturday 21 March 2009

The Czech EU-Council Presidency (13): Absence in times of the crisis

From eurotopics:
"Martin Schulz, chairman of the Socialist group in the European Parliament, has called the Czech EU Council presidency a "total washout". The Prague business paper Hospodářské noviny can only agree: "It seems it's too much to ask of the Czech presidency that it participate in discussion on the crisis. [...]"
Proof of its unimportance: In the International Harald Tribune report on the outcomes of the EU summit, there is just a short line mentioning the Czech presidency while focussing on Barroso and given similar space to Germany and Poland. Doesn't sound as if there has been much leadership from the Presidency.

And so it seems like the Czechs will not be remembered as the most active and relevant EU Council presidency...


Ralf Grahn said...

The Czech government has not even been willing or able to get the Treaty of Lisbon ratified at home.

What can we expect of it at a European level?