Tuesday 3 March 2009

The Swedish EU-Council presidency logo unveiled: Stylishly un-European

Un européen jamais content ('A never satisfied European') has published the newly unveiled Swedish EU-Council Presidency logo. When the Swedish take over the Presidency in July, this logo will replace the ugly logo of the Czech Presidency.

However, I don't see a particular reference to the European Union in this logo, especially taking into account that blue and yellow are already the colours of the Swedish flag. That is a clear weakness, despite the fact that it looks quite stylish - or as the never satisfield European qualifies it:

"Sober, nice, efficient, just like an IKEA logo."

I have nothing to add.

Update (04 March): Two comments to this article point to the similarities with the Pepsi and Sony Ericson logos - and Jon Worth has produced a metamorphosis picture from Sony Ericson to the Swedish logo - while a backlink brings us to a post that shows resemblance of the Swedish logo to Obama's campaign logo.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's more like the new Pepsi logo.

antyx said...

Reminded me of this: http://shrani.si/f/1S/m3/4kFEcfWg/sony-ericsson-logo-dec07.jpg