Wednesday 25 March 2009

What is happening with the "Th!nk about it!" blogging competition?

Frank Schnittger, who is blogging on "Th!nk about it!" has raised a serious question:
Is TH!NK ABOUT IT! dying?
A discussion has started after this post, and I would recommend joining it. Take just this remark by Frank:
For whatever reason, little of that [general blogosphere dynamics; JF] seems to be happening on TH!NK ABOUT IT. Few posts seem to attract many comments and there is very little animated debate.
I fully agree, and I should add that the topics posted recently did not really attract my attention, after a very lively and interesting starting period. It looked like most bloggers had the energy for 1-2 good and interesting posts, but got lost afterwards.

This is kind of a pity, because this project seemed to be bringing good dynamics in the EU blogosphere.

What I hope now is just that some of those who discovered blogging through this project - or were discovered as bloggers through the attention it got - will continue to contribute to the debates outside the "competition".

Think about it!