Monday 23 March 2009

Public Affairs 2.0 lists MEPs that use Twitter

Public Affairs 2.0 is listing those MEPs that - according to their knowledge - are using Twitter.

Check their post, which seems to be updated as soon as they find somebody new. As of now, the list encompasses the following MEPs:
  • Graham Watson
  • Matthias Groote
  • Katrin Saks
  • Benoit Hamon
  • Eoin Ryan
  • Neena Gill
  • Arlene McCarthy
  • Peter Skinner
  • Jim Nicholson
  • Mary Honeyball
  • Andrew Duff
  • Daniel Caspary
  • Jules Maaten
  • Jeanine Hennis
  • Sophie in ‘t Veld
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit
  • Åsa Westlund
  • Anna Hedh
  • Kathalijne Buitenweg
  • Helga Truepel
  • Colm Burke
  • Joost Lagendijk
  • Gunnar Hökmar
To be continued (I suppose)...


Macarena Rodriguez said...

having in mind there are 785 MEPs, there is no too many. Any Spanish one, as I see... too sad

Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention Julien. We are indeed updating the list as soon as we find new people.