Monday 16 March 2009

MEP becomes Latvian Prime Minister

In "former" times, old or worn-out national politicians became Members of the European Parliament to end their political career in a well-paid but invisible environment.

Far away from their capitals - in order not to interfere with national politics anymore - they could live in tranquility and enjoy the luxury of inconsequential politcs.

But times are changing. Following the example of a young MEP who became Finnish foreign minister, more politicians seem to find their way back into national politics.

And this time, it goes high up: EPP-ED deputy Valdis Dombrovskis (ED member) has been elected new prime minister of Latvia, as Anita Kalmane reports on Th!nk about it!, informing that Liene Liepina (who already was short-time MEP in 2004) will be his short-term successor in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Dombrovskis has quite a tough job coming up seeing the effects of the crisis in Latvia, and let's wait whether his experience in the EP was of help to get his work done.