Monday 9 March 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (60): Romanian parties' preparations - and low turnout expectations

Dumitru Mihnea, who runs an excellent Romanian blog, describes the pre-electoral situation in Romania on Th!nk about it!:
Voter turn-out is expected to be well below 25% in a nation of over 17 million voters, which is why the Democratic Liberals have started negotiations for a sort of an "all-star cast", comprised of former journalists, members of the civil society with perceived high-standing, and whomever else might be seen as "untainted" by some 20 years of troublesome transition.
On the one hand, the turnout figure mentioned is frighteningly low (even lower than in Bulgaria). On the other hand, it is interesting how national political parties - in this case the liberal democrats - try to cope with a situation in which low interest meets lack of trust.

If the strategy is successful, than this would bring "new" political elites to Strasbourg and Brussels, something which can be of advantage for the European level. Yet, whether these new elites will be able to work within the climate of a bureaucratic European Union where their individual strength might not count as much as they are used from their home country is to be questioned.

Nevertheless, interesting developments which I find worth mentioning.

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