Saturday 9 May 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (99): The official campaign spot - a total fail

On EuroparlTV I stumbled over what is announced to be the official EP campaign spot - and it must be this one because I saw pictures of the "making of" on La Oreja de Europa:

To be honest: Nobody will really get this message. It's totally uninteresting. It has no line or element that people would want to talk about (unlike the viral campaign). It's only loosely linked to the billboard campaign. The style is not catching. Europe has not much of a role in it. And only few will understand that the issues are actually linked to the European Union.

For me, that is a complete fail!

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Cédric said...

This is exactly what I called "euronanism" on my blog! The EU-"communicators" must have had a lot of fun making this spot, but they're probably the only ones...
As for the "viral" spots, I think too they're much better, however I'd say they're far from being viral. Let's call them so when they get 100.000 views, not a few thousands!

Julien Frisch said...

D'accord! :-)

Macarena Rodriguez said...

Thanks for the link Julien. By the way, I fully agree with you. I do not understand very well the campaign from the EP. Just have a look to the giant chicken installed in Madrid... No sense... I have already raised this fact sometimes in my blog. a pity...