Monday 2 March 2009

European Parliament elections 2009 (58): Do Latvians have to vote from Brussels? - supplemented

Anita describes her experiences in promoting the 2009 EP elections in Latvia. My favourite question she was asked is:
“So I need to go to Brussels to vote?”
I am seeing huge European elections trains going all over the European Union, collecting voters and delivering them to Brussels. Everyone would vote in Brussels, and we all would meet on the central square and celebrate the outcomes (every participation rate above 40%)

Wouldn't this be fun?!

Supplement: In fact, the low visibility of the European elections is not just a particular issue in Latvia. Last week, a friend of mine and I talked about elections, and I was saying that the next main elections I am focussing on are the European Parliament elections.

When I told her that they will be in June she just asked: What, in June!? Why don't you hear about this?

I advised her to check at the embassy or back home how the procedure for distant voting will be. I'll have to do the same myself, since I don't know yet where I want to spend the election day(s).

Any proposal? - Maybe I should take the election train to Brussels...

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Anita Kalmane said...

Hehe, nice to hear that somebody is quoting me :)

Just to give extra info - the official PR campaign for the elections will start in around 2 weeks, I don't remember an exact date. Then hopefully people will hear much more abt it all over Europe! :)