Thursday 5 March 2009

The state of the (European) Union

Max Bergmann concludes in his article "The EU's political deficit" (in the Huffington Post):
So where the EU goes from here is anybody's guess. The worries of collapse are legitimate, but it is likely that the EU will pull together to do just enough to muddle through this crisis. If it is able to get through, the opportunity could be there for the EU to strengthen its political union. The Lisbon Treaty, which is not far from ratification, is no cure all, but it would be an awful important step to improve Europe's ability to act more decisively.
Quite general stuff in this article, but its on a prominent platform, so people might considered it more than other articles...

(via Grahnlaw)


citizen of Europe said...

"opportunity could be there for the EU to strengthen its political union"

I fear "strengthen the political union" means "to improve the intergovernmental relationships among the states" in Europe. Or can the intergovernmentalism transform itself into the federalism in any stage like a nymph into a butterfly?

Julien Frisch said...

If "nymph" and "butterfly" are the best ways to describe any stage in the EU development... I am not sure. :-D