Thursday 19 March 2009

Is Europe a country?

I know that this is rather old in web terms, but I just learn about it at, a German initiative that wants to get young Germans interested in the European Parliament elections:

"I thought Europe was a country?!"

I hope that one day this will not be a stupid question, but at least getting closer to reality than it is today...

(PS.: I don't support the sexism in the clip, but it's still funny from an EU perspective.)


leighgirl said...

sadly with I and a others that learn more than most it seems many americans think europe is a country. It is true that europe is a continent & has many countries in it. Unlike north america *the continent the usa *country united states* is in there are few violent places in all of europe. America is a place of violence, ignorance, hate and money hungry people that I do not miss. grin. Europe is heaven. tells about us vs europe & countries in europe.